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Who We Are 

ACS has been a technology solutions provider since 1993.  Our aviation division is comprised of many aviation enthusiasts and professionals, including our trainers and sales staff, who are all pilots.  Clients have appreciated being able to speak to other pilots, and when they receive training, they know they are talking to someone that knows the business!  Our company Founder and President, is also a pilot himself and a user of EFB solutions.

A Bit of History

Many years ago, we were asked to provide an EFB solution for the Citation X simulator program for FlightSafety.  That partnership continues today, and we are now considered their preferred EFB provider, and partner in their Extended Advantage Program.  From there, we struck up partnerships with many of FlightSafety and Cessna's clients, and eventually Cessna's own Flight Operations and Test departments.  Since then, we have provided EFB solutions to companies with all types of aircraft, in all areas of the world.  We have literally worked with clients in every corner of the globe. 

What We Do

ACS has a long history in technology solutions.  Because we are a solution provider, and not just a company that pedals hardware, we consider ourselves a partner to our clients, and want what is best for them long term.  We offer all aspects of a complete EFB solution, including; consulting services, regulatory guidance, hardware acquisition, software setup, training, and a complete support package. 

Where We Are

Our corporate office is in Kansas City.  In 2009, ACS decided that being in Wichita Kansas, the aviation capital of the world, also made a lot of sense. which has proven very beneficial for clients that want a hands-on approach while picking up their new aircraft, having their existing aircraft serviced, or while taking training.  In addition, we have representation in South America. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a solution that is:   Simple - Dependable - Affordable  





How To Reach ACS


For Sales: sales@GoToACS.com
For General Info: info@GoToACS.com
For Careers: careers@GoToACS.com


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